Since 2017, the CDLRA has conducted national-level surveys related to online and digital learning. The following reports and presentations share our research findings:


2023 Pan-Canadian Report / Rapport pancanadien 2023

2023 Ontario Report / Rapport de l’Ontario 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence in Canadian Post-Secondary Education: AI Policies, Possibilities, Realities, and Futures


 2022 National Report / Rapport National 2022

2022 Ontario Report / Rapport de l’Ontario 2022

Rapport du Québec 2022 (French only)

2022 Special Topics Research Brief: Open Educational Resources in Canadian Post-Secondary Education

[Presentation Slides] Spotlight on BC: CDLRA Spring Survey Findings


2021 National Report/Rapport National 2021

2021 Ontario Report/Rapport de l’Ontario 2021

2021 Special Topics Report: The Growth of Online Learning and Digital Learning Resources in Canadian Post-Secondary Education

Evolving Definitions in Digital Learning: A National Framework for Categorizing Commonly Used Terms

Rapport du Québec 2021 (French only)


2020 National Report/Rapport National 2020

2020 Ontario Report/Rapport de l’Ontario 2020

TESS Conference presentation (hosted by eCampusOntario)

Ready or Not, the Fall Semester is Here (webinar hosted by eCampusOntario with panelists Mary Burgess and Dr. Gavan Watson)

Canadian Higher Education Fall 2020: Business as Unusual (webinar hosted by eCampusOntario with panelists Dr. Tony Bates and Dr. David Porter)

Canadian Higher Education in Fall 2020: Multiple Online and Hybrid Learning Scenarios (CDLRA report)

Professional Development for the 2020 Fall Semester: How to Help Faculty and Administrators Prepare (article published in University Affairs)

How Do Faculty and Administrators Imagine the Future of Higher Education in Canada? (article published in Academic Matters)


2019 National Report/Rapport public 2019

2019 National Infographic/Rapport 2019 – infographie 

Presentation of 2019 National Results (English/French)

2019 Ontario report/Rapport de l’Ontario 2019

2019 Ontario Infographic/Ontario 2019 – infographie

2019 Québec report/Rapport du Québec 2019



2018 National Report/Rapport public 2018

2018 National Infographic/Rapport 2018 – infographie

2018 Full Technical Report/Rapport technique 2018

Canada Survey 2018: Enrollment Snapshot/Canada sondage national 2018:  Instantané d’inscription

2018 Ontario Report/Rapport de l’Ontario 2018

2018 Québec Report/Rapport du Québec 2018



2017 National Report/Rapport public 2017

2017 Technical Report/Rapport technique 2017

2017 Ontario Report (en anglais seulement)