The Impact of the Pandemic on Higher Education: UNBC keynote presentation with Dr. Nicole Johnson

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Blog, Presentations

As restrictions begin to ease and we look toward the possibility of a somewhat ‘normal’ fall semester, Dr. Nicole Johnson (CDLRA Research Director) discusses the long-term impact of the pandemic on higher education in a keynote presentation hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia.

This presentation (from April 15, 2021) provides key findings from research studies conducted throughout the pandemic, including CDLRA research findings. Click the image below to view the presentation.

Key points include:

  • It is likely that there will be greater technology use in post-secondary classes, even after a full return to in-person learning is possible
  • We have the opportunity to rethink the effectiveness of our teaching practices, with (and without) technology
  • We need to consider what skills students (and society!) need most going forward — how do we ensure that this is addressed in post-secondary programs

To support institutions in planning for Fall 2021, the CDLRA will be releasing a series of blog posts throughout the summer sharing the preliminary findings from the 2021 National Survey of Online and Digital Learning. Please feel free to contact us, with any questions or comments about our work.