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As a non-profit, national-level research organization, CDLRA adheres to stringent ethics protocols. All CDLRA researchers are certified to conduct research involving human subjects.

Our organization designs and conducts multiple research studies each year. Every project that our organization undertakes must receive approval from the CDLRA Board of Directors before the research team can proceed.

The CDLRA Executive Director (Dr. Nicole Johnson) and Director of Analytics (Dr. Jeff Seaman) are responsible for ensuring that confidentiality and privacy protocols are followed. The CDLRA uses a variety of measures including password-protected devices, documents, and research software to ensure that any identifiable information is stored securely. Our practice is also to limit the number of researchers within CDLRA who can access identifiable data to an essential minimum for every project.

Our participant recruitment process varies from project to project and we provide information during recruitment to ensure that participants, institutions, and other stakeholders are well-informed of the objectives and processes of our research work.

Findings from our research projects are shared through CDLRA reports, presentations, blog posts, academic articles, and infographics. A list of our past publications can be found on our publications page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our research protocols.